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Dec. 8th, 2010


Still my favorite John song

Nov. 26th, 2010

young hearts run free

Music Tiem

This song has been getting me through the past week. My Thanksgiving gift from me to you:

lyricsCollapse )

Oct. 27th, 2010


this is appropriate

For many reasons:

Oct. 9th, 2010


(no subject)

Sep. 16th, 2010

young hearts run free

New Gogol Bordello!

"Remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants...." -Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Sep. 11th, 2010


Not enough D: face in the world

So. Spiderman Musical.

We in the Theater School have all kind of unanimously reacted like this:

I mean, hey, the sets and costumes all look pretty cool. And Evan Rachel Wood is no longer attached (thank God). But still, I think our reaction is "WHY?"

(Of course, the answer is we've spent 52 goddamn million dollars and it WILL GO UP IF IT'S THE LAST THING WE EVER DO)

Mostly I'm skeptical. I think it's pretty unecessary, and the money, time, and talent could probably have been better spent elsewhere. But hey, if they were to pay me to paint something on that thing, you bet your ass I'd be all over it, so there you go.

I haven't listened to the score yet. I'm not sure that I will. I'm too afraid. But if it's anything like the song they did for Batman Forever, then it could probably sound pretty good. (Not for a MUSICAL mind you).

However, it still can't top the best superhero song ever:

Sep. 9th, 2010


the more things change...

Whenever the shenanigans of the world get me down, I remind myself that it's not really getting worse. It's always been like this.

Kind makes one a little hopeful, really. If we haven't managed to blow ourselves up yet...

Aug. 12th, 2010


Hey, hey guys!

What's that in the fourth picture, in the background?


Aug. 10th, 2010




May. 9th, 2010


I heart these kids.

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